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Expand your horizons with our consistent investment process, driven by experience and discipline.

Not only our corporate slogan, but our daily expedition. - copy
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Not only our corporate slogan, but our daily mission.

Thematic Investing
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Using fundamental research as our guide, we invest in industries that are benefiting from wind in their sails.

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Our investment professionals possess more than 115 years of experience navigating through multiple market cycles.

1492 Capital Management, LLC, is an investment manager located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that serves institutional and private clients. Our unique, bottom-up thematic approach to investing and our focus on absolute returns align our goals with those of our clients.

What differentiates 1492 is meticulous research. Face-to-face meetings with the management, competition, and suppliers of prospective companies provide insight and direct us to economic, industry and market themes, which are then researched and evaluated for inclusion in our portfolio.

Firm Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on four key beliefs:

Opportunity is ours to find. Every market cycle offers opportunity for investments that have the wind in their sail and can be purchased at reasonable valuations—no excuses.

Research provides the edge. There’s no substitute for exhaustive fundamental research. Meeting with hundreds of companies each year, these face-to-face conversations allow us to understand their business plan and to discern management’s ability to execute.

Triangulation reveals the target. We use our proprietary valuation technique to derive a price target based on cash flow, earnings and industry-specific metrics. Then, we triangulate these results to create solid target values for entering and exiting a portfolio position.

Our goals are aligned with yours. 1492 Capital Management is performance-driven. We strive to consistently outperform our benchmarks, and we’ve created incentives for our portfolio team that are aligned with that goal.

Company meetings and the subsequent in-depth research generate insight into the broader economic forces that enable companies to grow and compete. They are the keys to measuring opportunity and to constructing a portfolio to help you achieve your goals.